Sankar Super Power (India Cements Ltd)



Product type: Cement

Vendor: India cements Ltd

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Sankar Super Power is a six decade brand with emotional values providing trust and confidence for its consumers over generations. Strong houses built with Sankar Super Power created peaceful homes. The most popular brand across TN and Kerala.

Amplify mart supplies Sankar Super power all across TS/AP. Procure 120 bags or more to avail free delivery.


  • Significantly higher long term strength
  • Low heat of hydration
  • Low water demand
  • Higher workability
  • Low permeability and porosity
  • Resistance to sulphate and chloride attacks
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Pore refinement leading to improved density of concrete
  • Enhanced Durability


  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Mass concrete work
  • Marine works
  • Suitable for wide range of applications including masonry applications


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