Maha Cement - OPC 43 Grade



Product type: Cement

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Maha – OPC 43 grade cement, is manufactured by grinding the high quality clinker with superior quality gypsum in optimum quantity. This is the most common type of cement used for construction purpose. It is ideal for RCC, PCC, all types of masonry work and finishing work like plastering etc.

Please refer table below for its typical values as against requirement as per IS 269-2015.

Physical Requirements Requirement as per lS 269: 2015 MAHA Cement
 Fineness  Specific Surface (m2/kg)  225 (min) 280
 Setting Time  a. Initial minutes)  30 (min) 180
 b. Final (minutes)  600 (max) 260
 Soundness  Expansion of unaerated cement    
 a. By LeChatelier Method (mm)  10 (max) 1
 b. By Auto Clave (%)  0.8 (max) 0.088
 Compressive Strength  a. 72 ± 1 hr i.e. 3 days (M Pa)  23 (min) 36
 b. 168 ± 2 hr i.e. 7 days (M Pa)  33 (min) 45
 c. 672 ± 4 hr i.e. 28 days (M Pa)  43 (min) 57
   58 (max)  

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