Coromandel White Cement (India Cements Ltd)



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Vendor: India Cements Ltd

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Coromandel White Cement (India Cements Ltd)

White Cement is changing the way the world looks at architectural aesthetics. Though cement has been used for structural purposes for centuries, the aesthetic applications were made possible only after the invention of White Cement. White cement is a specialized product requiring high degree of quality control at all stages of production. It is not a conventional cement and it is normally used for appearance and low maintenance requirement. It has all the strength and the properties of ordinary portland cement which is used for construction purposes. White Cement off­ers unlimited opportunities for architects & engineers to explore their creative potentials. Coromandel White is 90% pure white making it the brightest among its category.

Applications of White Cement:

 White Cement has long been a product surrounded by mystery and myths about its applications and usage. Very often people misconceive that it is a byproduct of "Cement" and has to be used only for repair purposes. However, it is well known for its numerous decorative & architectural applications

Amplify Mart supplies Coromandel white cement across TS/AP . Procure 120 bags or above to avail free delivery.

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