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Adani Solar Modules have a low-temperature coefficient, high fill factor, excellent low light irradiance performance | Superior performance at NOCT and PTC conditions.

The significant benefit of BI-FACIAL technology

The bifacial solar cell is a double-sided cell, which allows the use of incident sunlight from the front side as well as from the rear. It increases efficiency by an average of 20%.  

60 cell module power output: 290 – 305 Wp | 72 cell module power output: 355 – 370 Wp | N-Type modules up to 87% bi-facialty | P-Type modules up to 70% bi-facialty | Up to 13% gain with no reflective surface and up to 22% gain with reflective surface using fixed tilt over lifetime | 1500 V rated variant for large scale installations saving up to 5% of BOS costs | Degradation limited to 0.4% per year compared to standard of 0.7% | Nearly Zero Light Induced Degradation (LID) through use of N-type bi-facial cells.



-Modules made with N-type bifacial solar cells

-Up to 450 Wp at 30% ground reflectivity

-Characterised for 1000W/m2 & 200W/m2 on the front and rear side respectively

-Up to 85% bifaciality factor

-2*IEC testing to ensure extremely high reliability of PV modules

-Near zero LID, PID free, 1500 V module

-High insulation resistance due to special raw materials

-Linear warranty of 30 years


Higher Efficiency

350Wp module providing upto 450Wp at 25% ground reflectivity With single axis Tracker.

Higher Energy

Highest specific Energy Yield (kWh/kWp) leading to lowest LCOE amongst all technologies with a PR even higher than 100%.

Fully Automated

Adani’s Bifacial modules are offered with dual glass frameless technology, making it PID-free.


25 years- Linear warranty assuring optimal performance

12 years- Limited product warranty

1.2 GW-Largest integrated cell and module manufacturer from India

Warranty and certifications

Product Warranty**-12 years of product warranty

Performance guarantee**-Power degradation <- 3% in first year <- 0.68% /

year in 2-25 years

Peak power, (0 ~+ 4.99 Wp)
Electrical data – All data measured to STC*
Pmax(Wp) 365
Maximum voltage, Vmpp (V) 38.65
Maximum current, Impp (A) 9.46
Open circuit voltage, Voc (V) 46.85
Short circuit current, Isc (A) 9.9
Module efficiency (%) 18.09
Electrical Characteristics with different rear side power gain (Reference 355 Wp Front)
Ground Reflectance 0.3
Peak power, (0 ~+ 4.99 Wp) Pmax(Wp) 446
Maximum voltage, Vmpp (V) 38.3
Maximum current, Impp (A) 11.63
Open circuit voltage, Voc (V) 47.1
Short circuit current, Isc (A) 12.1
Module efficiency (%) 22.68
Mechanical data
Length- 1998 mm
Width- 1010 mm
Height- 35 mm
Weight- 31.1 Kg
Junction box IP67; junction box, MC4 compatible
Cable and connectors 1200 mm length cable, MC4 & Amphenol compatible connectors
Application class Class A (Safety class II)
Superstrate High transmittance ARC glass 2.5 mm
Cells 72 mono-crystalline N-type bifacial PERT Solar cells; 5 bus bars
Encapsulation Low shrinkage PID free encapsulant POE
Substrate High transmittance glass 2.5 mm
Frame Anodized Frame (35 X 28)
Mechanical load test as per IEC & UL 5400 Pa-front; 2400 Pa-back
Maximum series fuse rating 20 A



Approvals and certificates:

IEC 61215 Ed2, IEC 61730, IEC 61701, UL 1703, MCS, JET, CEC, CEC-Aus,

IEC 62716, IEC 62782, IEC 60068-2-68, IEC 61853



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