200 LPD Solar Water Heater- Solarizer Spring (Pressurised Systems)



Product type: Solar Water Heaters

Vendor: Solarizer

Rs. 41,000.00

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Save money every day, Best Solar Water Heaters from Emmvee, with 27+Years of experience in Solar Water Heating in India. Now available through AmplifyMart. 

Solarizer Solar Water Heater Product Benefits: 
Optimum pressure to suit all modern bathing systems
  • Solarizer Spring delivers the high pressure required for all your modern bathroom fittings such as the latest shower panels.
  • The high quality glass enamelled tank and pressurised valve ensure water is safely delivered to your systems at the optimal pressure.
Great heating performance
  • Emmvee's all new full-plate absorber with highly selective German coating through sputtering technology provides more area to absorb sunlight and emits almost no radiation, meaning faster water heating
  • By using the most advanced solar glass, the new collector gives better performance even in cloudy weather
  • The latest laser welding technique gives superior durability and heat transfer
Highest quality design
  • Translucent solar glass gives a stylish new look
Hygienic and safe
  • Emmvee’s unique glass enamelled tank prevents the build-up of rust and bacteria, keeping your hotwater clean and hygienic
Total peace of mind
  • With on-site assessment, installation and after-sales service from Emmvee’s trained  and authorised dealers, you have the comfort of knowing your hot water needs are in safe hands
  • With 1 year performance warranty for the system, you can rely on Solarizer Spring to give you daily enjoyment for many years to come.

Material of storage tank Glass enamel coated
Insulation CFC free PUF - Thickness:    50 mm
Outer cladding Pre-coated steel (RAL 7035)
Safety valve Airvent for thermosyphon &   6 bar pressure relief valve for pressurised system
Electrical backup heater 2 kW backup heater /220 V AC
Working pressure 6 bar for pressurised system
Tank construction -
Tank protection Aluminium anode
Tank capacity 100, 200, 300 and  500 LPD
Absorber construction Single sheet absorber
Absorber coating High selective coating Absorptivity:  0.95 +/-0.02 Emmissivity:  0.5+/-0.02
Riser Copper:  12.7 mm
Header Copper:  25.4 mm
Bonding - header and riser Brazing
Bonding - absorber and harp Laser welding
Back insulation Rockwool density:   48 kg/m3
Thickness:  50 mm
Collector material Extruded aluminium with grey colour powder coating
Collector back sheet Aluminium
Glazing Solar glass
Retainer key for glass Extruded aluminium with grey colour powder coating (RAL  7037)
Rubber beading for glass EPDM rubber
Heat exchange medium NA
Weight of collector (dry) 32 kg
Maximum working pressure 10 bar
Material Mild steel structure with powder coating
Material Composite pipe with brass end fitting/EPDM rubber hose
System colour Grey (RAL  7037 & RAL   7035)


•  Screw design of collector for easy glass replacement
•  New anode mounting
•  Collector fully sealed with gaskets
•  High-quality PUF insulation on tank
•  Pressurised for all modern bathing systems
•  Great heating performance
•  Highest quality design
•  Hygienic and safe
•  Total peace of mind
•  Long lasting
If you have any technical or price related queries please leave us a message and we will contact you to provide the relevant information. 
If you have any technical or price related queries please leave us a message and we will contact you to provide the relevant information. 

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