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Vendor: Adani Solar

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Adani Solar Modules have a low-temperature coefficient, high fill factor, excellent low light irradiance performance | Superior performance at NOCT and PTC conditions.

The significant benefit of PERC technology

PERC technology enables better light capturing abilities at longer wavelength, weak and diffused light and in cloudy conditions.

60 cell module power output: 295 – 315 Wp | 72 cell module power output: 365 – 380 Wp | Modules with low temperature coefficient, high fill factor, excellent low light irradiance performance | 10% higher power output compared to industry average poly-crystalline module | Higher performance at longer wavelengths of light (1100 – 1200 mm).



-More power/m compared to the industry average

- Higher performance at longer wavelengths of light (1100-1200 nm)

-Higher specific energy yield (kwh/kwp) due to superior cell + module engineering

-Superior performance at NOCT and PCT conditions

-LIR treated cells with least LID effect and LeTID effect

-5 bus bar cells offering better reliability against microcracks

Superior low light irradiation performance 200w/m

-Triple EL checking to ensure defect-free modules


Higher Efficiency

365WP Modules with 7% higher energy output than Industry Average of 325Wp Polycrystalline module.

Higher Energy

Higher specific Energy Yield (Kwh/Kwp) due to superior cell and module engineering leading to Lower LCOE. Best suited for Utility Scale Power Plants.

Fully Automated

Manufactured on 100% automated line; using state-of-the-art module manufacturing technology.



25 years- Linear warranty assuring optimal performance

12 years- Limited product warranty

1.2 GW-Largest integrated cell and module manufacturer from India

Warranty and certifications

Product Warranty**-12 years of product warranty

Performance guarantee**-Power degradation <- 3% in first year <- 0.68% /

year in 2-25 years

Peak power, (0 ~+ 4.99 Wp)
Electrical data – All data measured to STC* 360 W
Maximum voltage, Vmpp (V)  38.85
Maximum current, Impp (A)  9.25
Open circuit voltage, Voc (V)  47.07
Short circuit current, Isc (A)  9.88
Module efficiency (%) 17.84
Electrical parameters at NOCT 360 W
Maximum Power Pmax @ NOCT  271
Maximum voltage, Vmpp (V)  37.92
Maximum current, Impp (A)  7.14
Open circuit voltage, Voc (V)  46.6
Short circuit current, Isc (A)  7.56

Mechanical data
Length-1998 mm
Width-1010 mm
Height-35 mm/40 mm
Weight-22.7 Kg (35 mm) / 23 Kg (40mm)
Junction box IP-68
Cable and connectors 1200 mm length cable, MC4 & Amphenol compatible connectors
Application class Class A (Safety class II)
Superstrate High transmittance arc glass
Cells 72 mono-crystalline PERC solar cells; 5 bus bars
Encapsulation Low shrinkage PID resistant EVA Substrate Tri layer backsheet
Frame Anodized aluminium frame with twin wall profile
Mechanical load test as per IEC & UL 5400 Pa-front; 2400 Pa-back
Maximum series fuse rating 15 A



Approvals and certificates:

IEC 61215 Ed2, IEC 61730, IEC 61701, UL 1703, MCS, JET, CEC, CEC-Aus,

IEC 62716, IEC 62782, IEC 60068-2-68, IEC 61853



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View and Download Here: Adani Mono Perc Specifications

If you have any technical or price related queries please leave us a message and we will contact you to provide the relevant information. 

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