Why Use Solar Power And EV Charging Together?

Solar energy as we know is the best and most widespread renewable energy source that can be deployed in the distributed generation segment. Using solar power, can cut the cost of electricity generation by more than 50% for a period of 25 years. In India currently, the levelized cost of generation using solar power on rooftops is close to Rs. 4 per unit and will come down even further in the years to come. 

On adopting EV charging, the demand for energy has gone way up. While running the same distance, the EV charging consumable cost with solar energy is noted to be five times lower than compared to the use of fossil fuels. In addition to this the wear and tear of electric cars is much less than vehicles running on conventional diesel, which means less breakdowns and service time. 

This kind of transition in the mode of electricity used can not only lower energy costs but also assist in being energy independent and reduce the carbon footprint from an individual household level to a national level. 

With the advent of electric vehicles, there will be a need for charging infrastructure as well as electricity to charge these additional loads on the grid. It is in our best interest to always produce and consume electricity in a responsible manner, as these charging stations will need to be widespread and distributed. 

We would also need to have them connected to the grid and the cost of charging will be higher when utilizing the conventional grid power, it may range from Rs. 6 to Rs. 10/ Unit. So, by coupling the electric charging station with a solar rooftop, it will help us reduce the energy cost and also make a business out of it. 

The truth is electric cars can only be a sustainable transport system if it consumes energy generated from renewable sources and not by using fossil fuels. While, it might be a daunting task to convert to this kind of structure, delaying the whole process can only contribute to missing the numerous financial incentives the government and other monetary institutions currently offer.

By Installing a Solar + EV Charging option at your Apartment or Villa or Home- You can us both the options mentioned below:

-Own use- 
reduce your carbon footprint further by charging your EV with solar power.

-Public charging station- generate your own clean, free electricity and get paid by EV owners for charging their vehicles

You can also be a part of our Amplify EV Grid and be listed as a public charging station on our Mobile APP. This way you can generate revenue from EV charging utilization.

The solar energy potential in India is great and by adopting such innovative measures like using solar energy to charge our cars, anything is possible. At Amplify, we aim to serve this vast market by offering a one-stop shop solution for people looking to adopt solar rooftops and EV charging. Our objective is to make this process less complicated for both residential and industrial use.

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