Why Clean Energy is the Future of Power Generation?

Experts are speculating that using existing technologies, can potentially help the world convert completely to renewable power by mid-century and it will not be more expensive than what is currently being spent on energy. Developing countries are playing an active role in the gradual shift of the world to renewable energy. 

India is becoming a great motivator and leader in this conversion. According to the Draft National Electricity Plan, fifty percent of India’s energy requirements will come from renewable sources in the next ten years. 

In terms of consumption and generation, the demand for energy in India is expected to increase faster than any other economy in the world. By 2040, India will account for 11 percent of worldwide utilization of electricity. Furthermore, it will add 160-180 % to its current capacity for power generation through renewable sources specifically solar power.

Future Of Indian Energy Generation

As the existing generation capacity accommodates barely sufficient amount (falling one percent deficit), it is essential for India to double this capability to meet the needs of urbanization.

India’s per capita energy consumption is at 1,149 kwh for the year 2017-18, it is at the lowest among all the BRICS nations as well as only one-third of the global consumption. 

In 2040, it is anticipated that India’s requirement for electricity will be forty percent less than the worldwide per capita energy demand.  Hence, we need to quickly enhance our generation ability and make sure to achieve this in an eco-friendly manner.

Why Solar Power Is The Best Energy Source For India? 

As the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, it is very important for India to emphasize reducing its carbon footprint. The main reason being the burning of fossil fuels, the answer for this lies in fast-tracking the evolution to a low carbon economy. 

The only way to do this would be through extensive development of renewable energy. In India, sunlight is available in abundance making it a highly desirable source of power.

Looking at decentralized energy generation in free regions like rooftops and commercial sheds can be very beneficial. India needs to focus on achieving this, in the years to come. Currently, many developed countries such as the USA, Australia, and Germany have around 50% of installed solar rooftop capacity, while India is still at 5 %.

Understanding The Major Roadblocks

Considering the barriers and concentrating on improvement is essential to ensure the steady increase in the use of solar rooftops in India. Some of the major roadblocks include:

•   The large preliminary investment needed to employ solar rooftops.

•    The need for more financial solutions to finance smaller rooftop systems.

•   Continuous customer support for installations, operations and maintenance.

We at, Amplify Energy Innovation is committed to break through these barriers and help people with any issue they might have in adopting solar rooftops. For this purpose, we have built a one-stop, innovative platform that reduces the time and effort needed on part of the customer.

We offer financing support as well through partnerships with banks and NBFCs that will make it easier for customers looking to obtain loans for implementing solar energy. We hope to decrease the need for manual intervention, time and effort, in serving such a vast market.

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