Why Choose Solar Water Heaters?

Solar energy has become quite popular in India with the help of the government, through subsidizing solar products. One beneficial product is the solar water heater that further assists in reducing our reliance on conventional power sources.

A solar water heater system uses solar energy to heat water. It requires people to install this system on their terrace or some open space where it can be under direct sunlight, which in turn will help it, heat the water and store it in an insulated tank.

Currently, there two main types of solar water heaters in the market: 

Flat Plate Collector System:This is an older model made from metal and is long lasting. Even though an older type they are widely popular.

Evacuated Tube Collectors:This model is relatively new to the market and is made with glass. It is a fragile model but cheaper than Flat Plate Collector Systems.

India gets abundance of sunny days, but 90 percent of urban residents in western India still use conventional sources to heat water. Marketing the numerous benefits of using solar water heaters especially that of cutting electricity costs can change this. 

Did you know? A system with 100 liters a day capacity, which is meant for 3 to 4 people, can save approximately 1500 units of electricity annually (contingent on how much hot water was used).

So why use solar water heaters? 

  • Cuts down the electricity bill
  • Reduces the yearly carbon emission
  • Provides cheap, reliable source of hot water even during power outage.
  • Protecting water quality through avoiding the toxic waste produced by burning fossil fuels.
  • Increase the value of your home.

A few aspects, we would need to consider before adopting this heating system would be the size, how many bathrooms and for how many people. By planning well while selecting the right model and size can increase the efficiency.

Amplify Energy Innovations can assist you and make the process of choosing a solar heater less confusing. We also offer post-installment maintenance facility that can provide you the complete support you need.

In addition to cutting costs, you are adopting a sustainable form of energy that will literally save our planet on the long run.

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