The New Normal


The new normal:

As kids we all were brought up with importance of being first; who stood first in class ? Who would get to first Diwali gift or the one who came first in the school race.  Being first stood up; a normal all of us grew up with.

However post 2020; everything has a new meaning; survival is the key rather than being first; Covid 19 taught us being first or last does not matter; what stands out is how we survived a mental emotional and spiritual journey. Our concern today is no longer who has the latest Apple phone; rather whom can I call on a gloomy day .

When we get old we can proudly say “We survived Covid-19” and phased India from  a traditional market to digital giant; We at Amplify Mart take pride in supporting our staff & transforming India into a “One Stop solution” for overseas investors. Our nation stands against two enemies , the invisible virus among us & the enemy at the border.  We request our country men to maintain wallet distancing from Chinese products and use marks & sanitizers which are available on our webpage also.

As you take care of your loved ones; give us a chance to design and build your dream home –“One Stop Solution”. Visit for Covid -19 Safety equipment’s also. Also see  out webpage for construction materials.

Till then Stay safe & healthy.

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