State of Construction workers in due to lock down

State of Construction workers in due to lock down :

After agriculture related jobs in India, Construction sector employs around 31 millions people every year in India; ranging from Project directors, Engineers, site technicians to labour force.

During the 2nd week of March this year, WHO (World health organization) declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic; by than China , Italy and Spain were already hit by the pandemic. India got a head start towards prevention and PM Narendra Modi announced a complete lock down effective 23rd March.

The entire nation came to a halt with state borders closed to stop movement of people, the government has opened essentials like grocery, milk & chemists only; the worst hit were the construction workers. Most workers in this sector are migrants, originally from East India. Problem for most is no salary from the contractor & no rent relief from the tenant; result all of them on the way back to their native lands. Initially some embarked the foot journey to return home; however the majority were stranded with families, either on state borders or make shift camps.

Although state governments are doing their best to help those who are affected ; but in the event of this pandemic the most affected are these workers. One has total respect for the medical, armed forces, Police & the essentials supply chain teams; but we tend to forget the efforts of the countless hands that make your dream house. In this battle against Corona, the skilled and unskilled workers have taken the brunt of this crisis.

As we all enter the E-world; we request to you to take a moment to count your blessings  !! 

At Amplify Mart we salute the efforts of these workers and endorse the ability each worker brings to each project;  as products and services will find new platforms, but not skilled hands. There is a need for the government to intervene and protect these workers and provide them with necessary financial support and help them get back to work once things get back to normal. Also, once they return to work we need to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary safety gear to protect themselves from the corona virus and the operational work hazards.

Amplify Mart is selling safety equipment at subsidised prices to ensure the safety of workers from corona and operational work hazards.

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