Solar Rooftops In Warangal

Telangana has more than 3,400MW solar PV projects installations, making it the second largest market after Karnataka. The state has encouraged global competitive bids for solar rooftop projects amounting to 31.12 MW (The Hindu).

Warangal, a city in Telangana has been part of many solar initiatives and has been invested in shifting towards renewable energy. The city was part of an initiative called 1000 MW Grid-Connected Rooftop Solar PV by the Solar Energy Corporation of India where measures were taken to increase green energy usage across all government offices (The Hindu). 

Even the Warangal Municipal Corporation has installed a solar rooftop of 27KW solar PV generation for their main office. It will power the entire ground floor of the office from fans, lights, and computers for eight hours a day (Business Standard).

This scheme along with Fourth Partner Energy will provide government offices an easy way to shift to solar with zero capital cost, and have electricity at a rate of Rs 3.14 per unit for 25 years and essentially results in a 50-60% savings on the cost of energy consumption. One of the largest projects of this initiative is at NIT, Warangal with an operational capacity of 1000 kW (The Hindu). 

This unit at NIT Warangal generates 4,000 units of energy per day with an efficiency of 16 percent. Totally, there are 3,076 panels with 325WP of capacity on the rooftops of many of the buildings on campus (Telangana Today).

In an effort to decrease power issues, the city also installed solar panels in 5 of its railway stations. Based on this installment initiative the railway department has even built a model for other departments to save electricity.

This installation was conducted in a phased method. Currently, the solar panels have been used to operate water pumps at Warangal, Kazipet Station, Ghanpur, Bagunathapalli and Jangaon railway stations (Deccan Chronicle).

The city continues to increase its efforts towards adopting solar rooftops and improving its overall sustainability. It has also been focusing on increasing solar rooftops in the residential sector. The potential and vast market for solar rooftops continue to grow in Telangana.

Amplify Energy Innovations aims to focus on this market and increase awareness in order to make the process of adopting solar rooftops in Telangana less confusing and time-consuming. We have recently appointed a channel partner in Warangal and are ready to take up installations from 1Kw to 500Kw on short notice. In addition, we also provide maintenance for existing and new rooftops as well.

Our one-stop-shop solution will help the customer in connecting with installers, manufacturers and all other requirements in a seamless way.

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