Rise Of Solar Rooftops In Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam is an innovative city in Andhra that is very active in the shift towards sustainable power generation, especially that of solar energy. In fact, Visakhapatnam’s Port is the first of its type in the country to operate on 100% solar energy. They were the first to achieve this milestone in India (Mercom). 

The Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) went on to install the largest generator of solar energy in the district, with a 10MW capacity plant close to the airport. The VPT had also inaugurated a 200KW solar rooftop plant at Golden Jubilee Hospital in the city of Visakhapatnam (The Economic Times).

Furthermore, they have also partnered with Solar Energy Corporation Limited (SECL) to generate energy through solar rooftops. They have identified many appropriate places and the process of installation had been given to project management consultants. 

These consultants entered an agreement with the port authority to charge only Rs. 3.90 for each unit without ever-increasing the charge for 25 years (Climate Samurai).

Even, the Greater Vijayawada Municipal Corporation had constructed the first floating solar farm in Andhra with 2MW capacity at Mudasaralova. The Mudasarlova project is said to generate 2,000 Kilowatt peak and would be larger and more extensive than the current models available in the country (The Better India). They have similar plans to construct another floating solar farm in the Meghadrigeda reservoir. 

The educational institutes in this district such as Gitam University, St.Joseph’s College, Avanti Group of Colleges and a few more have also begun shifting towards renewable energy. They have also joined the solar energy race. The whole city is slowly trying to move towards sustainability.

Visakhapatnam continues to innovate and increase its determination towards shifting to solar energy and further improve their overall sustainability. They had also seen an increase in the use of solar rooftops in the residential sector. The potential of the vast market for solar panels continues to flourish and grow in India.

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