Rise of Solar Rooftops In Vijayawada

The Vijayawada municipal corporation has chosen a 500 kw plant which generates an incentive of nearly Rs 50 crore.  It has also identified 25 additional places to install solar panels. According to officials, the state of Andhra Pradesh is known to be the first to use solar pumps on a national level in India. 

The demand for solar rooftops especially in the Krishna district is rising each day among small industries and households. All solar products have been becoming more popular including solar pumps and inverters.

A total number of 231 solar units were installed to generate 2.432 MW of power in the Krishna district. In addition, the district officials received more than 300 applications for solar rooftop installations.

On this successful note, the New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (NREDCAP) is now focused on the task of encouraging people from every sector to install solar panels in domestic, commercial, industrial and government buildings.

Other prominent achievements were made such as the Gannavaram Airport which will be the first solar airport in Andhra Pradesh. The solar plant needed for this was constructed to generate 70% of the electricity required by the airport and the solar panels have already been set up. With this solar power plant, the airport can save up to Rs 30 lakhs each month. 

In addition, 10 private schools, 2 government schools and 12 colleges in this district are equipped with solar rooftops. Even an official plan has been made to install solar inverters in all schools in the Krishna district along with the 30 municipal schools in the city of Vijayawada.

The city continues to increase its efforts towards implementing solar rooftops and improving its overall sustainability. The potential and vast market for solar rooftops continues to grow in Andhra Pradesh.

Amplify Energy Innovations aims to focus on this market and increase awareness in order to make the process of adopting solar rooftops in Telangana less confusing and time-consuming. 


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