Residential Rooftops – The New Solution For Household Energy Needs

Solar Panel prices have come down drastically over the last decade by almost more than 50% making residential solar more viable than ever before. Electricity prices in India and other developing countries make rise by CAGR (Continuous Annual Growth Rate) of 7% and more than 60% of the electricity is produced using fossil fuels making electricity production one of the biggest contributors of pollution. 

Most of the power is produced at large power plants and is transmitted from power plant to the load distribution center in cities and towns; developing countries have the highest energy transmission and distribution losses in the world. This makes the case for distributed clean energy generation to be an alternative option and reduce the burden on the gird and the environment. 

Cities contribute to more than 70% of the power consumption and have close to 55% of the population. So, this makes them the best locations to have distributed energy generation systems, but cities have place constraints, and are concrete jungles, presently the opportunity in terms of large and widely spread rooftop space on residential and commercial buildings is limited.  In the distributed clean energy segment, solar is the only viable universal option for energy generation in the cities. 

Residential solar rooftops are similar to industrial or commercial purposes except that they are not as big installations, and are more viable as most metro residents pay more than Rs.8-10 per unit of electricity. Hence, these installations will be the game changer for India in the clean energy target of 40 GW Solar Rooftop power generation. 

4 Important things to know about Residential Rooftops:

•    The price is of great importance. Even though prices have dropped a bit, it is still one of the major roadblocks. It is essential to know how much it is going to cost and how you are planning to finance for it. An accurate way to get an estimate is to use an online solar calculator. 

•     Finding the right installer can be quite a daunting task but is very important to make a well-informed decision.

•    Does your roof have the provisions to sustain solar panels? Proper solar rooftop plant sizing and accurate roof measurements are needed to make this decision.

•    Maintenance after the installation plays a major role in the performance of the system, as these are long-term assets. 

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