Plant a tree and Use Solar Energy!

Global warming has become a threat and cutting down trees has only added to the stress on our environment. In fact, every few years the temperature of our environment increases by 1 degree celsius. This is the time to act and make a difference to save our own planet!

While planting more trees is extremely important, we could also harness the power of the sun for our energy requirements instead of burning fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels is not only very polluting but puts more stress on our environment by increasing the carbon footprint.

Energy efficiency can help our initiatives in preserving our environment. We need to aid planting tress with sustainable technology, like solar powered houses, industries and many more which could help in bringing down the temperature. With such new and innovative technologies we have the potential to reduce pollution and climate change. The time for change is today! Plant a tree and power your house with solar today!

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