Need for a One-Stop-Shop for Home Owners to buy Building Materials and Home Improvement Equipment

All home construction and home improvement projects experience three major problems cost overrun, time delay and non-transparent commitments. Most of us dread to hire a contractor and get a home construction or home renovation done due to the above three problems and lack of time to purchase and manage things required to complete the project. Can we solve these problems?


The answer is yes, we can solve these problems. There is no reason the run around for the design of the project, purchase of the materials and managing the day to day construction activity. A one-stop-shop service can provide all these services and ensure that the project is done on-time and within the agreed budget. You can track the project progress and quality from the comfort of your home, and do periodic site visits. No more managing the contractor and the procurement of the project can be outsourced and this will save you both time and money. Time is money, so saving your precious time for other tasks is also important and no need to do follow-up phone calls to your contractor to make him stick to the agreed budget and timeline, everything is professionally managed.


Amplify Mart provides Design, Supply and Build Solutions, you can choose either of the options depending on your requirement.

Designs from the Best Architects-

We provide you with the basic initial 2-D design free of cost and then depending on your inputs after the site visit.  Based on your inputs we will change the design to suit your requirements and then get the 3-D design and detailed drawings done by our reputed architect partners. We use the best technical tools to render the best feasible and possible designs for your budget and try to get the best aesthetic look for your dream home or home improvement project. We try our best to make it economical and beautiful and

Supply from the large assortment of Product Selection-

We have partnered with the best brands to give you a wide range of selection for your home improvement and home construction projects. We want to provide you with the largest selection that you can browse at your convenience and select based on your requirements and taste. We will provide the supply at your site on time and the right materials. You need not go shop to shop to find and select materials for your project we will help you do it at ease and our customer service managers will help you select the right materials for your home. We suggest the best quality materials that suit your project needs and you need not worry you will get the best prices.

Build the Project or Manage it a turnkey solution-

We have 8+ years of experience in the construction sector and have but many projects including engineering design, supply, and construction services to top MNC’s like Tata and Mahindra. As a team, we have more than 40+ years of constitution experience and is a young team that will be available to meet anytime you have a query. We manage the construction professionally and update you daily on the project progress. We do quality checks at every checkpoint to ensure that the best quality is being maintained. We deliver your home construction or home improvement project on-time, within budget and according to the agreed specification. You will save a lot of time and money in hiring a professional team to manage the project that provides you with quality guarantees.


Amplify Mart is the one-stop-shop for all your home construction needs be it design or supply or construction services.

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