Installing Solar Panels Increases the Value of a House

The value of a house with solar panels increases by 4.1 % in comparison to an average house  in the USA (Zillow). This number increase to 5.5 % for houses in the New York Metro Region. The main reason for this increase in selling price is due to the energy cost saving benefit that comes with the home.

People are becoming more aware and are preferring to be energy efficient. According to the ‘Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report’, more than 80% of home buyers prefer energy efficient features in the US.

With the awareness increasing it is surely a good way to give a unique selling point for any property. Even in India with real estate appreciation rates higher than the USA, there is great potential in investing in solar rooftops for your home. This is a great opportunity to raise and value of your property and reduce your carbon footprint today!

Check Out this article from Zillow, it is very interesting and informative!

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