Increase In Renewable Energy Employment Opportunities

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the renewable energy industry employed nearly 11 million people globally in 2018. The main reason for this increase was the wide acceptance and adoption of renewable technologies.

Last year Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam accounted for a greater share in the growth of renewable jobs, which contributed to Asia maintaining a 60% share of renewable jobs globally. While India accounted for 719,000 jobs in 2018 as stated by the ‘Renewable Energy and Jobs- Annual Review 2019’.

Few of the largest employers included: Solar photovoltaic (3.6 Million), Bioenergy (2.1 million), Hydro (2.1 million), and  wind power industries (2 Million). As we can see Solar  PV systems stand at number in employing people.

Check out the article by Down To Earth which outlines this report in a detailed and interesting way. It is worth reading!


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