Hyderabad’s Solar Rooftop Revolution

Greenpeace India had mentioned that Hyderabad has the potential to play a key role in leading the solar rooftop revolution in India.  According to the ‘Rooftop Revolution: Unleashing Hyderabad’s Rooftop Potential’ report by Greenpeace India, the total solar rooftop potential for Hyderabad was said to be 1730 MW. A majority of this share will be from the residential sector.

An in-depth study was assumed by Greenpeace India along with Gujarat Energy Research and Management. They scanned the city with the help of GHMC and were able to approximate that 2.70 MW for each square km can be attained from solar rooftops.

They also outlined that many of the city’s landmarks could be used for solar rooftop energy generation. 

Buildings like: 

  • Osmania University campus
  • Hyderabad Railway stations
  • Metro rail stations in the city
  • Both airports in Hyderabad 
  • The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation’s bus depots.

In addition, it stated that this state installed a total of 54MW PV systems in 2017 and out of that Hyderabad’s PV capacity was 34MW. This further confirmed the large capacity the city already has.

However, in 2018 Telangana had 1,868.17 MW of clean energy installed which only reached 40% of the targets (Economic Times). It had fallen behind compared to Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. This left a lot of room for improvement and potential left untapped in Telangana.

With such vast prospects Hyderabad has the resources to become a leader in solar rooftop revolution through government support and helping people in adopting this system, especially in the residential sector.

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