How Are Employment Opportunities Evolving In The Clean Energy Sector?

Over 4,32,000 Indians had jobs in the wind and solar industry during 2017, this number will increase further in the next few years if the country works towards its 2022 target of 160 GW. The green energy sector employment in India has already seen steady growth from 2016-2019. 

 Many countries are focused on switching to clean energy, in 2015 it was estimated that this global sector employed 8.1 million people (International Renewable Energy Agency). This is a five percent progression from 2014, which is excluding the huge hydropower segment.

Employment in this sector further increased by 2.8 % in 2016. The leading job markets were in China, India, Brazil, USA, Japan, and Germany. Out of this, Asia comprised of 62% of jobs in 2016. According to IRENA, clean energy employment went up to 10.3 million jobs in 2017, which was a 5.3 percent rise from 2016. 

Based on all the above statistics we can see that the number of jobs keeps rising every year within the clean energy market, worldwide. In fact, Asian countries are the forerunners in the creation of employment and the numbers only continue to grow. 

The Indian government has noticed this trend and even founded the Skills Council for Green Jobs in the National Skill Development Mission (2015). The main aim of creating this council was to help develop a workforce that is skilled and meets the demands of the renewable industry. 

This increase in the number of jobs can positively benefit India’s rural areas if policies are focused on equipping the unskilled and semi-skilled workforce with the right kind of knowledge. 

On doing this effectively, it will not only help the environment but will reduce poverty and improve the quality of life. However, to decrease poverty altogether the jobs provided would need to be stable and permanent in order for creating a lasting change. 

It is a great time to be involved in the Renewable energy sector for an entrepreneur. There are a lot of pioneering opportunities for young entrepreneurs who are ambitious and committed to this industry.

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