Germany: A Leading Nation In The Clean Energy Revolution

Renewable energy like solar power has become a vast market. The PV systems, in particular, are being used globally to help meet power requirements in a sustainable manner. 

Germany was one of the forerunners for taking substantial steps in shifting to clean energy since the 1990s. This conversion is referred to as ‘Energiewende.’ The success of this initiative is a key reason why the Germans have incorporated the numerous benefits of renewable energy.

Solar power forms around 6.9% percent of Germany’s overall energy generation (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE).This country is known to be the fourth largest producer of solar energy globally. During 2015, the energy generated was at 39,484MW (Solar Action Alliance).

The government’s two main goals for the year 2050 were:

•    To replace coal and nuclear energy with renewable sources for 60 % of major energy utilization and 80% of total power needed.

•    To improve energy efficiency by 2.1 % and reduce 50 % of major energy utilization.

According to Clean Technica, clean energy has become a major source of power in Germany in the year 2017. It was observed that over 40 % of the overall power used was generated by renewable energy.

During January last year, for a few hours they were able to generate 100% of electricity through renewable sources of energy, which was a truly revolutionary achievement.

The country managed to be one of the main producers of solar energy even though they have the least amount of sunlight in the world. The primary reason for this accomplishment was the Renewable Energy Act with the assistance of top-class research and technology innovation.

It is through revolutionizing strategies and enduring long-term commitment towards the production of solar energy that placed them as one of the top producers. Even though Germany’s efforts were vastly praised, their circumstances were very different from India. They were ready to pay a higher price for clean energy and started this during a period of marginally falling demand for power.

Even if India cannot gain much insight from Germany’s story, it can still be an encouraging factor to find our own place in this clean energy revolution. India has also started to participate in this leading race and still has a long way to go in order to move in the desired direction. However, the Indian market is large and has a lot more potential in terms of solar power.

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