Collaboration with Platforms is a good approach for Small and New Contractors in Home Construction and Renovation Post COVID-19?

Many of us aspire to become a big company and we all start small. It is the beginning that is important and the most difficult yet we must pursue the dream to become a bigger company, there will be a shortfall of capital, experience, resources and many other constraints that make the learning curve steep and make many of the contractors give up early on the dream. The normal has shifted post the Corona Virus pandemic, customers might approach and behavior will definitely change, they will look for large platforms to find solutions post the COVID-19 lockdowns. Customers will seek more variety, easier access to information and convenience when they will look for contractors in the future as they want to save time and money.


How is it beneficial to partner with platforms like Amplify Mart?


The answer is you can do more with less when you partner with Amplify Mart


  • Zero Customer Acquisition Cost: Your marketing and sales expenditure is zero, we get the customers and screen them and make the initial site visit along with you and help you in making the proposal and submit the proposal to close the sale.


  • Fixed Contracts with Promised Margin and Profit: Your scope of work and margin is fixed it won’t vary with changes in material rates and you don’t need to bear the interest during construction. We agree on fixed rates at the time of signing the contract so if there is any cost overrun in the project your margin is protected.


  • Reduced Working Capital Need: As your project partner we take care of the most of project working capital need so you can do more projects with lesser working capital and earn definite profits from each project


  • Find continuous work: You need not look for your next project we will scout the projects for you and there will be very low downtime. We know idle time will not fetch any good for both of us so we will constantly work to have more work for you and us.


  • Train to learn complementary skills in your trade: We will arrange training classes to train and better your exiting skills and also to learn new skills so that we can deliver the desired quality to the client. Better quality and workmanship will fetch you good name and more projects


  • No need to manage the supply chain and procurement: You need not invest in procurement and block your capital and need not worry about the best price, cost escalation and material availability


  • Less hassle of Logistics Management- We plan the material required on a day to day basis and manage the procurement and logistics in line with the project progress. You will have no loss in due to idle manpower and machinery


  • You get a project partner who stands by you: Once you partner with us you have a partner for life, we make sure you succeed and we succeed and the client is getting the committed result. We will together plan the project and see the scope for improvement in efficiency and quality.


  • Reduced lead time and early completion due to collaborative planning: Planning is as important as execution, we will use our technology and project management skills to complement your execution strength and make sure we succeed in completing the project on time


  • Bid for a bigger project with Amplify Mart: As our partnership grows you can bring bigger opportunities to the table and we will help you win them and be your partner in the project. We will also suggest bigger opportunities available with us which can benefit you and help you grow.

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