Climate Change And It’s Impact on The Environment

Climate change has numerous adverse effects on animals, people, and natural habitats. Experts say it is already changing many wildlife habitats around the world. In fact, a starving polar bear had strayed hundreds of miles from the Arctic Circle towards a Russian industrial city in search of food. 

It had been noted that the inhabited area of northern Russia had seen dozens of such hungry polar bears looking for food and even entering public homes and buildings in the beginning of this year. The reason for this could be that the habitats of these bears have been slowly getting damaged due to climate change.

The ice caps are melting and the water temperature is rising and leading polar bears to spend more time onshore.  One of the main reasons was the greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. 

Long lasting effects on the entire eco-system is a threat to the whole world. The United Nations had been studying working towards combating climate change since their first Earth Summit. However, changes can only be seen when everyone is involved.

People have a responsibility to preserve their earth and even small changes can help in the long run. It is critical and the time to make sustainable changes is now. Utilizing clean technology and focusing on sustainability can assist in reducing the negative impacts. Solar energy can be a great solution to help in moving away from burning fossil fuels and cutting down global warming drastically.

Check out this article by The Economic Times it is worth the read!

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